Making Connections Between the Past and the Present

The philosophy underlying Mount Gulian’s school programs is that children learn best when they are actively involved in the learning process and when history is shown to be applicable to their own experience. Mount  Gulian’s experiential, curriculum-based school programs expand classroom lessons and give students the opportunity to acquire historical knowledge and skills through their use of the museum’s extensive collection of primary documents, authentic artifacts and reproductions. The programs are designed to promote the use of students’ critical thinking skills by analyzing and evaluating data, reflecting upon the meaning of statements, and forming judgments about the facts.

Through the use of reproductions, students learn about the life of children in the 18th century. Themes explored include recreation, education, family life, responsibilities, clothing, colonial culture and manners. This program demonstrates the differences and similarities between colonial times and today’s children.  Curriculum is presented in an age appropriate manner.








Designed to acquaint students with the contact period of settlement in the Hudson Valley, this program focuses on lifeways of the Wappinger/Lenape Native Americans and early fur traders in the region, such as Gulian Verplanck. The presentation and activities focus on the economic and historical forces that shaped the region. Students engage in a simulated trading post activity, trading representative furs for common trade goods used by the Dutch.

This program focuses on a rare opportunity for students, to investigate the life experiences of actual Revolutionary War soldiers as described in their books, letters, and diaries.  The program allows students to explore items that might commonly be found in a soldier’s haversack, and to assume the role of a soldier by participating in patriot General von Steuben’s drills and marches.








  • All programs require advance reservations. Call 845-831-8172 or email
  • A confirmation letter and pre- and post-visit activity packets are provided for all programs.
  • Our programs reinforce themes within the NYS Social Studies Curriculum for grades 3, 4, 5, 7, 8 and 11. Programs can be modified and are available to Home Schoolers and Summer Camps.
  • All programs have hands-on activities intended to provide a greater appreciation for the past and greater retention of what has been learned. Teacher/parent assistance & supervision are expected to ensure successful delivery of the information.
  • All on-site programs are approximately 1.5 hours in length. Full-day programming, with students participating in more than one program and allowing time for a lunch break, is possible.
  • Cost: $5.00 per child; teacher and one adult chaperone per class are free; all other adults will be charged $5.00 per person.
  • Lunch: The museum does not have eating facilities. However, students may eat on the riverside lawn or riverside porch, weather permitting.  All trash must be removed by school staff upon departure from site.
  • The museum gift shop will be open at the conclusion of the program. Students will find the shop stocked with traditional educational toys and crafts of the period, related to general history curricula. Mount Gulian staff can make arrangements to order items in advance.


We will gladly bring our history programs to your school. The fee is $6 per student, plus mileage. To book an education program call 845-831-8172 or email